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Abundant Simplicity

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Abundant Simplicity
Discovering the Unhurried Rhythms of Grace
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Which activities give you energy and connect you with God? Do you know what behaviors are life-draining for you, separating you from God?

Simplicity is about choosing the engaging, relational life we were meant to live. It means shedding obligation and pretension. It means spending

  • time
  • energy
  • money

in ways that help us become clear-headed. It means being intentional about what we do and how we live. These choices allow God's power to move through us and bless others as we have space to do good.

Individual chapters invite you into simplicity of speech, simplicity in what you own (as opposed to clutter), simplicity in what you buy (instead of shopping til you drop), simplicity of time and schedule (living an unhurried life), simplicity of leisure that is renewing, and simplicity in small areas of life such as appearnce, clothing, media, technology, health and fitness. Each chapter in this book provides small experiments with simplicity as well as questions for discussion or reflection to get you started.

Without so many things and activities cluttering life, we can stop worrying and live securely and easily with our “much more” God. Come and discover the unhurried rhythms of grace.

Alan Fadling: Notes from my Unhurried Journey
Book Recommendation: Abundant Simplicity
By Alan Fadling 

Just before I left for the Dominican Republic last week to launch a first generation of our training called The Journey here, I received a review copy of my friend Jan Johnson’s latest book, Abundant Simplicity. I told her that it was the only book I was bringing on my trip, other than the ones coming with me on my iPad. I ended up also bringing Richard Rohr’s The Naked Now, which I received as a birthday gift. Now I’m thinking that I really need the counsel of simplicity!

I’ve enjoyed reading Abundant Simplicity in the open spaces of my retreat schedule here in Jarabacoa. Jan speaks with the voice of an experienced spiritual director to a profound need for North American Christians. We make things too complicated in our lives and in our ministries. We forget Jesus’ encouragement that “only one thing is necessary” (Luke 10:42). We overlook the example of David when he prays, “One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord…” (Psalm 27:4). Jan paints a picture of simplicity that inspires us to more fully treasure the Lord.

Jan shows us various facets of the single jewel of simplicity in chapters on contentment, discerning true desires, simple speech, generosity, and unhurry to name a few. I especially enjoy her gracious tone. Many of us feel guilty (or at least uneasy) about the complexity of our lives. Simplicity has been a significant practice in her own spiritual journey for some time, and the fruit of that journey is evident here.

I hope you’ll buy yourself a copy, or download it to your Kindle (what could be simpler?). I believe you’ll be glad you did. I’ve surely benefitted from it.

Table of Contents

Abundant Simplicity
by Jan Johnson

    1  Abundant Life With God

    2  Coping With Plenty    

    3  What Do You Really Want?

    What Simplicity Might Look Like

    4  Fewness and Fullness of Words

    5  Living Light in a Land of Plenty

    6  A Generous, not Grasping, Life

    7  The Intentional, Unhurried Life

    8  Putting the “Free” in “Free Time”

    9  Everyday Life Simplicity

    10  Worry no Longer Necessary


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