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Jan’s Books in Chinese

These books in traditional Chinese can be purchased in Christian bookstores catering to Chinese readers or directly from Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Hong Kong.

The series is being published in Chinese in four studies instead of eight:

Reflection and Confession, Study and MeditationReflection and Confession, Study and Meditation


Solitude and Silence, Prayer and ListeningSolitude and Silence, Prayer and Listening


Simplicity and Fasting, Worship and CelebrationSimplicity and Fasting, Worship and Celebration

Community and Submission, Service and SecrecyCommunity and Submission, Service and Secrecy

Listening to GodListening to God
Includes 30 meditation exercises and 6 essays about Scripture meditation. (This is an earlier version of Savoring God’s Word that is no longer available in English.) In the US, you can order it from Alleluia.

Use the "Search" button (left hand column toward the bottom) to enter the English title "Listening to God" and click on "Go." This will be the first book on the search list.


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