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Jan Johnson

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One-day Conference: Living a Purpose-Full Life

Session 1: Discovering my Purpose in Life

Moving away from busyness so that we focus on God’s purpose as Moses, Nehemiah, Paul and Priscilla did. We look at God’s purposes and how a purpose is different from a role. Finally, we ask, What breaks your heart that breaks the heart of God?

BOX LUNCH on site to give participants a chance to discuss their purpose in life or to just ponder.

Session 2: Serving On Purpose

We work out a mission statement, yet continue dreaming of what God is calling on us to do. This involves risktaking, not relying solely on circumstances and developing partners for the journey.

Session 3: Staying On Track

Watch out for the snares of being hooked on productivity, of listening to the inner critic, becoming a crusader or basher. We strive for simplicity and conserving energy all the while keeping our soul knit to God.


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