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Retreat/In-House Conference 1:
Rekindling Your Spiritual Hunger Philippians 3:4-14

This retreat is designed to help people consider how to have an authentic relationship with God and other people. It introduces basic spiritual disciplines to help people connect with God and let God reshape them.

Session 1: When the Pixie Dust Fails

People come to God hoping all their problems will be solved instead of seeking an interactive relationship with God. As we give up this “pixie dust” faith, we learn to connect with God in down-to-earth ways.

Session 2: When Control Isn't Enough

If I try hard enough, I can be a good Christian, right? Christianity is not about perfectionism, but surrender. As we pour ourselves forth to God, we can admit doubts and fears and offer prayers of surrender. In this interactive life with God, God transforms us.

Session 3: When Serving Loses Its Sizzle

To do the work of Christ with the heart of Christ means examining motives and becoming self-forgetful yet passionate in service. God leads us down this path with partner-style friendships and challenges to let our hearts be broken by the things that break God’s heart.

Session 4: Jesus Loves Me, This I Know?

Jan wraps up with a much-overlooked Old Testament story that explores how God's persistent, lavish love and how He satisfies our spiritual hunger.


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