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Retreat/In-House Conference Retreat 10:
Quiet Day: Trusting God for Everything: Psalm 23

Trusting God in EverythingWe were built to live in confidence with God as the daily companion of our soul. Psalm 23 is full of pictures that help us do this. They help us obey the most frequent command in the Bible: Don’t be afraid. When we fear, we’re more likely to lie, to become angry, to be confused and to do things we would never do otherwise. Trusting God keeps us free from fear and walking a path of confidence.

Session 1: Trusting God as the Everyday Companion of my Life

“I have everything I need” (Ps 23:1b) is a radical statement. We grow into it as we trust God to be everything from protector to healer to companion of our soul. God provides such peace that we can lie down in green pastures instead of constantly monitoring the issues of life. We live with Jesus leading us each step of the way on a very rich path.

Session 2: Trusting God No Matter What

Valleys come to everyone, but we can experience them differently because “Thou art with me.” God not only walks beside us but also stands behind us anointing us when we face difficult people in tense situations. The result is a life of unexplainable goodness and mercy that makes people so glad to be around us.

Option: These two back-to-back sessions can lead into a time of community silence and solitude with a wrap-up at the end.

(Psalm 23 Meditations)


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