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Retreat/In-House Conference Retreat 2:
Enjoying the Presence of God (updated)

This retreat focuses on how to have an interactive life with God, using verses and ideas from Psalm 139.

Session 1: Knowing God as the Companion of my Life

We can enjoy God's presence throughout the day as we turn our thoughts into prayers and develop a continual conversation with God. As prayer becomes the main business of our lives, our inner fears fall away and we become confident.

Session 2: Conversing with God in Times of Frustration

In our conversations with God, we’ll work through encounters with difficult people. At times we’ll express anger and frustration to God as God shows us how to speak the truth in love as Jesus was so apt in doing.

Session 3: Listening to God’s Voice in the Conversation

Many people struggle to hear God even though that still, small voice permeates our everyday activities and our set-aside quiet times. We become more alert to God's voice through active waiting and asking God important questions: What next? What do I need to know?

(Psalm 23 Meditations)

Session 4: The New Self that Flows from Conversation with God

When we interact with God all day, we are drawn to God’s important work of pulling folks out of their slide into sin and despair (redemption). Joining Christ in doing justice and mercy turns the “normal” life of busyness and self-absorption into an adventurous partnership with God.


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