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Retreat/In-House Conference Retreat 7:
Pastor’s Retreat

Today’s pastor is busy, busy, busy and often has a minimal interior life with God. Yet church members want this pastor to help them develop an interactive life with God. This retreat helps pastors pause and examine how God transforms people and the key spiritual disciplines that help pastors build a rich life with God that spills over into ministry and the world.

(I recommend these sessions, but you may choose from these and others listed above in the Spiritual Disciplines Retreat.)

Session 1: How Transformation Occurs (see above in Spiritual Disciplines Retreat)

Session 2: Solitude and Silence (see above)

(optional session: My Journey

How life in ministry can be based on performance and control. I examine what is needed to let go of that.)

Session 3: Processing Anger and Frustration Alongside God

We work through encounters with difficult people by processing our anger and frustration with God. In this way God shows us how to speak the truth in love as Jesus did so well.

Session 4: Scripture Meditation (see above)

This will transform your preaching.

Session 5: Practicing the Presence of God (see above)

This will change the way you deal with people and do your ministry work.

Session 6: Redemptive Community & Its Disciplines (see above)


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