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Retreat/In-House Conference Retreat 8:
Pastors’ Wives Retreat (Clergy Spouses, when appropriate)

This event is designed to help spouses of pastors build an authentic relationship with God far beyond their role. Out of that comes an authentic relationship with their spouse and with the people who frustrate them. That interactive life with God will also create a sense of God speaking and a desire to follow purposes with which God has broken their heart.

Session 1: Knowing the God Who Transforms You

Spouses of pastors are not spiritual pixies for whom everything is rosy every moment. Instead, they can bring their real selves before God and be careful to seek God, not simply good outward behavior.

Session 2. Surrendering the People around Me

Pastors’ spouses often try to love everyone, but some people are so frustrating. We look at Jesus and anger and how God can partner with us in processing frustration and anger.

Session 3. Finding Community

Spouses of pastors sometimes choose a Lone Ranger approach to their own destruction. They can find community not only with each other and in substantive friendships but also with those they disagree with as they surrender the need to change and control others.

Session 4. Finding Purpose in Life

Ministry is a role, not a purpose. The spouse’s role is not simply to fill in gaps that no one else will fill. Each Christian needs to seek God to do what breaks their heart that breaks the heart of God. It doesn’t have to conflict with their role and can even enhance it.


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