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Simplicity & Fasting

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Spiritual Disciplines Set
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Simplicity & Fasting
Spiritual Disciplines Bible Studies

It is said, “Less is more.” What would happen if we spent less? Spoke less? Ate less? What is the purpose of fasting? What are the benefits of leading a simple life?

This study guide explores the disciplines of simplicity and fasting—foreign ideas these days. Yet leading a simple life can help us focus on what’s truly important. Fasting helps us feast on God. It clears our mind of clutter so that we can become hungry for the things that really matter.

Spiritual disciplines are a time-tested means of connecting us to the God who wants to transform our souls. We discover the disciplines in the Bible as we look at the everyday ways Jesus related to God. This series is designed to help us live in God’s presence by incorporating these spiritual practices into our lives.

    “Jan Johnson opens a path on which anyone can actually and continuously grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.”
         - Dallas Willard, author of Hearing God and The Divine Conspiracy

    “For fifty-three years I have taught a required course at Dallas Theological Seminary on the principles of inductive Bible study. I recommend these studies because they are well devised and most provocative guides for first-hand Bible study.
         - Howard Hendricks, Distinguished Professor
           Chairman, Center for Christian Leadership


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