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Trusting God for Everything: Psalm 23
A Personal Retreat Guide

Trusing God for Everything

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Can you trust God for
everything in your life?

Uncertainty about the economy, employment, health, and relationships often gives us fearful, worried lives. But Psalm 23 offers a picture of what it looks like when we live our life with God here and now, every day. Such a life of connecting with God moves us toward becoming people who live with joy and gratefulness and are able to bless enemies and live intentionally, free of judging others.  Throughout this retreat, you’ll see how God provides for everything you need, that God can be trusted to lead you and restore your soul, and that God walks every step with you in all situations. Enter into a life of trust and confidence in God.

Table of Contents

Trusting God for Everything:  Psalm 23
Retreat Guide by Jan Johnson

*Meditation 1:  Does God Really Provide Everything I Need?
                        Psalm 23:1; Ezekiel 34:11-12

*Meditation 2:  2Trusting God for Soul Restoration
                        Psalm 23:2-3a  

Meditation 3:  Trusting God To Lead
                        Psalm 23:3b

*Meditation 4:  Trusting God in the Deep Valleys
                        Psalm 23:4 

Meditation 5:  Trusting that God is With Me
                        Psalm 23:4b

Meditation 6:  Trusting God with Those Who Oppose Me
                        Psalm 23:5

Meditation 7:  A Life of Settled Trust in God
                        Psalm 23:6

If you have time for only three conversations, you might wish to choose the three marked with * (or you might be led to choose otherwise).


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